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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Velodyne Announces SC-602 Dual Subwoofer Amplifier

Velodyne’s new dual subwoofer amp is the newest addition to the SC-600 series. It sports a pair of Class D amplifiers with 400 watts of peak power apiece. The SC-602 has a five band auto EQ bass correction system that adjusts to the room.

It’s also got a few audio presets that can be controlled with the remote based on the music or videos coming through. You can also adjust volume and phase, as well as put the speaker in night mode, via the included IR remote.

Set up is simple with the Velodyne SC-602. As sales director Doug Smith puts it, “Set up is as easy as cut, plug and play.” The SC-602 is a companion to the SC-600 IF/IC subwoofers, which can be concealed in the floor, ceiling, closet or other enclosures in the house.

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