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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Community M12 speakers

The M12 stage monitor system is a compact, high style, no-compromise solution to the demands of high performance monitoring. At 10½" high, the M12 offers clean sightlines for the audience and the camera. The rugged multi-layer glass composite construction, "Texas Boot-proof" heavy gauge steel grille and an abrasion resistant non-reflective Tuf- Coat™ finish make the M12 an excellent choice for TV broadcasts and stage productions. The dual NL4 connectors are tucked safely away in a pocket beneath the enclosure. Specially molded channels and cable clips allow the user to bring the speaker cables out of the back or either side of the monitor. These exits also allow easy positioning of the monitor. The M12 contains a high-powered 12" woofer and a
2" exit B&C™ wide band high frequency driver. The high frequency driver is mounted to a molded onepiece asymmetrical horn with a 90-degree pattern at the top and 40-degree at the bottom, allowing fullrange output close up or horizontally at a distance.The vertical dispersion is 70ยบ. The M12 is available in black or white finishes, and right or left horn configurations.

- Low-profile, high-style exterior
- Small footprint
- Multi-layer glass composite construction
- Non-reflective black or white Tuf-Coat™ exterior with matching
heavy-duty non-reflective grille
- Unique hidden handle
- High powered, 12" woofer
- 2" wide-band compression driver on an asymmetrical horn
- Biamp/passive switchable with well protected dual NL4
- Cable safety management system
- Available in right or left horn configurations
- Available in black or white finishes
- Five-year warranty

Community DnD Speakers

The DnD series is a range of loudspeaker systems designed for professional musical performances. The speakers offer an exceptional value to vocalists, instrumentalists, DJs, and club owners, with options for a wide variety of applications, including permanent installations.
The multi-angle DnD12 and the front-of-house DnD15 are two proven performers with a price-toperformance ratio that is unmatched in the industry. Both systems feature Community'sFocused Array™ high frequency, dual-driver pattern control horn and unbeatable PowerSense Plus™ DDP driver protection circuitry. Each loudspeaker and crossover component is backed by Community's limited 'no fault' warranty for the first two (2) years of use.

- Heavily-braced MDF construction
- Captive flying points
- Die cast pole socket
- PZT Focused Array™ horn.
- PowerSense Plus™ DDP driver protection circuitry
- NL4-compatible and ¼-inch connectors
- Two-year "no fault" warranty on loudspeaker and crossover components
- Five-year transferable warranty against manufacturing defects

Community MVP Series II Speakers

There are seven MVP Series II models in all: Four fullrange two-way cabinets, a pair of powerful floor monitors, and a potent subwoofer system. All fullrange systems utilize Community's proprietary HF20 high frequency compression driver featuring a Ferrofluid-cooled, non-metallic diaphragm to insure smooth performance and extremely low distortion. Community's DYNA-TECH Driver Protection System safeguards all MVP Series II models. With Dyna- Tech, your speaker can operate at its full dynamic range and still react quickly to excessive musical
transient peaks without worry of damaging the speaker. It also means your speaker is protected from the instant the power amplifier is plugged into it and/or turned on. DYNA-TECH illuminates a red indicator light found on the input panel of all models. Each loudspeaker and crossover component is backed by Community's limited 'no fault' warranty for the first two
(2) years of use.

-Heavily-braced MDF cabinet construction
-Captive flying points
-Die cast pole socket
-New HF20 non-metallic, Ferrofluid-cooled compression driver
-DYNA-TECH driver protection circuitry
-NL4 compatible and ¼-inch connectors
-Load matching 150 Hz hi-pass output crossover (subwoofers)
-Two-year "no fault" warranty on loudspeaker
and crossover components
-Five-year transferable warranty against manufacturing defects

Community Tandem Drive2 Speakers

There are four Tandem Drive² models in all: two full-range models that can be combined with either of two subwoofers. This mix-and-match arrangement offers portability, power, clarity, and versatility for clubs, DJ's, high energy worship, and live performance applications. All Tandem Drive² models feature two of Community's patented Cool- Coil™ drivers, cleverly designed to draw destructive heat away from the voice coil, thus assuring extended high level operation. The full-range systems utilize Community's proprietary UC1 high frequency compression driver featuring a Ferrofluid-cooled, non-metallic diaphragm to insure
smooth performance and extremely low distortion. Predictable high level, low distortion operation, Community's DYNA-TECH Driver Protection System and remarkable low frequency response -- all in a compact, well-braced, lightweight cabinet clad in a high impact exterior TufCoat™ finish, rounded out with Ergo-Grip handles for easy portability. A built-in stand socket and four rigging points further enhance the versatility of these systems.

- Heavily braced 13-ply Baltic birch construction
- Captive flying points
- Die cast pole socket
- UC1 non-metallic, Ferrofluid-cooled compression driver
- Cool-Coil™ woofers
- DYNA-TECH driver protection circuitry
- NL4 compatible and ¼-inch connectors
- HF cut/boost and bi-amp control
- Load matching 150 Hz hi-pass output crossover (subwoofers)
- Five-year warranty

Community SONUS

SONUS high-end line loudspeakers for professional musicians feature low distortion, high-impact sonic capability, ease of transport, and durable construction to withstand the rigors of the road. All SONUS models are precision engineered, both acoustically and structurally, to perform
night after night under the demanding conditions encountered by travelling bands and DJ’s.
SONUS full-range models include two-way 12" and 15" systems, and three-way 12" and 15" systems. The multiangle 12" two-way SONUS 1296 can be used as a FOH system or on the stage as a floor monitor. All models can be switched between active bi-amped and passive ingleamped operation, to readily accommodate the needs of the user. A music/voice presence switch is provided as a quick means of altering the upper mid-range to suit the acoustical conditions of the venue. For extended low frequency response, the SONUS line includes two subwoofers with a choice of dual 15” or dual 18” high-power cone drivers. The dual 18” model is provided with integrated casters for convenient load-in and load-out. Both models feature a High-Pass Output for seamless integration with the full-range systems.
- Durable Birch plywood enclosure and protective steel grilles
- Carbon ring cone LF drivers
- Passive/Bi-amp and Music/Speech switches on full-range models
- DYNA-TECH protection circuitry
- UC1 non-metallic, Ferrofluid-cooled compression driver
- Cool-Coil™ woofers
- Optional seat track rigging accessory
- Ergo-Grip handles
- Five-year warranty

Community Professional Audio Products

Community is the well-known name for high range loudspeakers for Professional Audio System. It has different categories in Speakers for every type of Applications like Auditorium, Club/DJ, Live Performance, Public Address System, Theatre, School, University, Commercial Buildings etc..


XLTE loudspeakers provide the performance and versatility you need for live sound. Designed for professionals, they have the same type of construction used in top-of-theline touring systems: 13-ply Baltic birch enclosures, full-size 16 gauge steel grilles, heavy-duty steel handles, steel input panels, and NL4 compatible input connectors. Capabilities for ground stacking, stand
mounting and suspension are built in.The XLTE series offers a distinctive range of systems to meet your sound requirements with 12" and 15" FOH and monitor systems along with 15" subwoofers. XLTE systems are designed to grow with your business. You can begin using passive mode operation, then progress to biamplifying and adding subwoofers without using electronic crossovers or adding subwoofer amplifiers. For ultimate performance you can add electronic crossovers and additional amplifier channels. XLTEs are voiced for live sound, providing excellent sound projection, exceptional vocal performance, and balanced musical reproduction. After playing through XLTE, performers have said, "That's the best we've ever sounded." No better statement describes XLTE.
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are some of the speaker series for PRO Audio systems..

Friday, September 5, 2008

JBl Wireless Compact Speakers


PLACE THESE SPEAKERS IN THE BEDROOM, IN THE KITCHEN, IN THE GARAGE OR EVEN ON THE PATIO*, wherever you want great JBL sound. And when you connect the JBL Control 2.4G wireless system to your computer, iPod® or other portable media player, your music library is anywhere you want it to be!


• 2.4GHz wireless transmitter

• 2-Way, 4" (100mm) active speaker with 15-watt-per-channel amplifier

• 2-Way, 4" (100mm) passive speaker

• Connection and wall-mount accessories

• Remote control

* The JBL On Air Control 2.4G speakers are not weather-resistant and should not be left outdoors when not in use, or used outdoors during inclement weather.

Frequency Response (± 3dB) 50Hz - 20kHz
Amplifier Power Output 15 watts per channel
High-Frequency Driver 1/2" (12mm)
Titanium-laminate, magnetically shielded Low-Frequency Driver 4" (100mm) Magnetically shielded

Operating Range Up to 70' (21m)**

Like all wireless devices, the system’s operating range may vary, depending uponvariables such as building construction methods and materials, atmospheric conditions and other sources of interference.
Power Supply Worldwide — 100v - 240v, 50/60Hz
Power supplies included for transmitter and active speaker.

Dimensions (H x W x D)
Speakers:9" x 6-1/8" x 5-1/2"(229mm x 156mm x 140mm)
Transmitter:1-1/8" x 4-7/8" x 3-7/8"(29mm x 124mm x 98mm)3-3/4" (95mm)
Active Speaker: 4.6 lb (2.1kg)
Passive Speaker: 4.3 lb (2.0kg)
Transmitter: 0.5 lb (0.2kg)

Bose Speakers and Company

Bose Speakers for Beginners- Whet you need to KnowBose speakers are considered one of the best kinds of speakers on the market. Their sound quality is difficult to surpass and their manufactured quality is exceptional. Bose as a company is about 48 years old. The company was established in 1964 in the United States and in particular in Based in Framingham, Massachusetts. The company was founded by Dr Amar G Bose an electrical engineering professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. The company is considered one of the best manufacturers and a specialist in high-end audio systems and speakers. Bose was making home theatre speakers way before they became popular in the market and established itself as a leader in this home theatre speaker market from early on. The company makes a variety of home theatre systems as well complete with amplifiers and speakers. Due to the high quality of Bose products and speakers in particular, the brand name Bose is widely recognized. Specifically for the US, Bose is considered the best brand name for audio speakers and high end stereo systems as well as for home theatres. Bose has a rich product line and makes top-notch speakers, amplifiers, acoustic headphones, wireless headphones and all kinds of high end technology speakers. They even make professional equipment for musicians and audio professionals; Bose has a complete line of amplifiers and loudspeakers.

If you love music, if you appreciate listening to music in all the detail if you enjoy sitting back and listening to your favourite track in the best possible way then you will love Bose speakers, headphones and stereo systems. However, on some occasions buyers who purchase the sets because of how clear the sound is, when they listen to speakers on display in the shop complain that when they buy the Bose speakers the quality is not the same. Many complain that it is difficult to reproduce the same sound quality at home than they do at the retailer. What music lovers look for from a set of Bose speakers is clear sound, excellent dispersion and low distortion. Whoever buys a Bose speaker they are looking for extremely accurate reproduction of sound. What usually happens is that people get disappointed when they buy the speakers because the lack the right amplifiers. In order to get the most out of your Bose speakers you need to make sure that your amplifier receiver is in the correct power range. It is not because of the speaker that sound quality is decreased but because there is a lack of compatibility between amplifier and speaker. Another factor to get the most out of your set of Bose speakers is positioning. Make sure you know exactly where the best place to place them. Buying a good quality speaker like a Bose speaker will not necessarily guarantee best sound quality results. Even though Bose speakers a probably the best in terms of quality out there on the market if you are considering buying a set you ought to read up on speaker position and amplifiers to guarantee the best possible results.

If you are looking for Bose speakers then you might be interested in Discounted Bose Speakers. Most people prefer the Cheap Bose Companion 2 Multimedia Speakers v2 or Bose v-300 Surround Speakers

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