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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Community Professional Audio Products

Community is the well-known name for high range loudspeakers for Professional Audio System. It has different categories in Speakers for every type of Applications like Auditorium, Club/DJ, Live Performance, Public Address System, Theatre, School, University, Commercial Buildings etc..


XLTE loudspeakers provide the performance and versatility you need for live sound. Designed for professionals, they have the same type of construction used in top-of-theline touring systems: 13-ply Baltic birch enclosures, full-size 16 gauge steel grilles, heavy-duty steel handles, steel input panels, and NL4 compatible input connectors. Capabilities for ground stacking, stand
mounting and suspension are built in.The XLTE series offers a distinctive range of systems to meet your sound requirements with 12" and 15" FOH and monitor systems along with 15" subwoofers. XLTE systems are designed to grow with your business. You can begin using passive mode operation, then progress to biamplifying and adding subwoofers without using electronic crossovers or adding subwoofer amplifiers. For ultimate performance you can add electronic crossovers and additional amplifier channels. XLTEs are voiced for live sound, providing excellent sound projection, exceptional vocal performance, and balanced musical reproduction. After playing through XLTE, performers have said, "That's the best we've ever sounded." No better statement describes XLTE.
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are some of the speaker series for PRO Audio systems..

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