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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Community Tandem Drive2 Speakers

There are four Tandem Drive² models in all: two full-range models that can be combined with either of two subwoofers. This mix-and-match arrangement offers portability, power, clarity, and versatility for clubs, DJ's, high energy worship, and live performance applications. All Tandem Drive² models feature two of Community's patented Cool- Coil™ drivers, cleverly designed to draw destructive heat away from the voice coil, thus assuring extended high level operation. The full-range systems utilize Community's proprietary UC1 high frequency compression driver featuring a Ferrofluid-cooled, non-metallic diaphragm to insure
smooth performance and extremely low distortion. Predictable high level, low distortion operation, Community's DYNA-TECH Driver Protection System and remarkable low frequency response -- all in a compact, well-braced, lightweight cabinet clad in a high impact exterior TufCoat™ finish, rounded out with Ergo-Grip handles for easy portability. A built-in stand socket and four rigging points further enhance the versatility of these systems.

- Heavily braced 13-ply Baltic birch construction
- Captive flying points
- Die cast pole socket
- UC1 non-metallic, Ferrofluid-cooled compression driver
- Cool-Coil™ woofers
- DYNA-TECH driver protection circuitry
- NL4 compatible and ¼-inch connectors
- HF cut/boost and bi-amp control
- Load matching 150 Hz hi-pass output crossover (subwoofers)
- Five-year warranty

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