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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yamaha EMX5016CF Portable Powered Mixer


One of the obstacles facing many engineers working small live sound events is having to drag the P.A. from venue to venue and constantly changing the setup. The Yamaha EMX5016CF portable mixer is designed to alleviate those P.A. woes for portable and installed applications where versatility and simplicity are paramount. Priced at $1,249 (MSRP) and combining a 16-channel mixer with a stereo power amp, built-in effects, digital EQ and a feedback eliminator, the EMX5016CF is a workhorse that provides intuitive operation.

The EMX5016CF has eight mono input channels (XLR mic or TRS line), each with 3-band EQ, insert, two aux sends, two effects sends to internal DSPs and 48-volt phantom power. Four stereo channels accept mono XLR mic or stereo ¼-inch or RCA inputs. The effects section's two DSP engines are based on Yamaha's ubiquitous SPX algorithms. The master output bus is available on ¼-inch stereo outs, RCA “record outs” and two stereo sub outs, in addition to the speaker outs.

All channels and the two effects returns route PFL to a headphone jack with level control. The eight mono channels include a one-knob compressor, which simultaneously raises the compression ratio and adjusts the makeup gain. In some applications (e.g., snare drum), I heard too much makeup gain, but I found the compressor to be effective for smoothing bass and vocals.
Both stereo effects processors have 16 presets, including reverb, delay, tremolo, chorus, phaser and other effects. These are returned on “mini-channels” with PFL, on/off, and aux 1 and aux 2 send controls, so routing effects into the monitors was an easy task. A knob for each effect modifies a single parameter, so adjustment is limited. Some of my faves were early reflections on snare and chorus on clean electric guitar.


January 2002—Now shipping, the DDX3216 from Behringer is a compact digital mixer featuring 32 full-feature channels, 16 buses, eight aux sends, 12 mic preamps, internal digital patchbay/routing, and static and dynamic automation of all console parameters, including its 100mm moving Alps faders. Powered by four SHARC DSPs, the DDX3216 also offers 4-band parametric EQ, compressor and gate on all 32 channels, along with four onboard digital effects processors, 24-bit AKM/Crystal converters, and two I/O card slots for TDIF, ADAT and AES/EBU interfacing. Retail is $1,999, including free editor software for Windows.


August 2008—The first Behringer product tailored for the commercial/install markets, the Ultrazone ZMX8210 ($379) has six mic/line inputs with phantom power, two stereo line inputs, three independent output zones and a 4-band master EQ. This single-rackspace zone mixer features controller inputs for remote volume change/channel selection, independent ducking for each zone, bus links for combining two units as master/slave for more inputs, and Euro-type connectors to access mono I/O buses.


March 2009—Designed for studio or live applications, this low-noise design, 32-input, 8-bus studio/live mixer features XENYX mic preamps, British-style EQs and two 24-bit onboard digital effects processors. Stereo input channels have 4-band EQ; mono inputs have 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mid-band. There are eight aux sends per channel; four are pre/post-fader-switchable for flexible routing and an internal auto-range (100 to 240VAC) power supply adds maximum flexibility.


Mackie ( has updated its best-selling speakers — now with lightweight neodymium drivers and onboard Class-D bi-amplification — resulting in a 20-percent weight reduction. Housed in midnight-blue, molded-polypropylene enclosures that double as mains or monitors, the flyable SRM350 Version 2 (195-watt) and SRM450 V. 2 (400W) systems feature titanium-dome compression drivers on wide-dispersion waveguides, 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, onboard phase alignment/EQ/time correction, and mic/line inputs.

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