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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The DENON DVD-3930CI has many of the same features and processing offered in our flagship series player. The back panel is fully loaded with all the connections most installers and home audio/video enthusiasts need to connect to a high-end audio/video system. Component connections are offered in the standard RCA type connection and in the more commercial BNC type connection. The HDMI output now supports resolutions up to 1080p for compatibility with current HD displays.

In addition, the DVD-3930CI offers all video outputs live, for multiple connection/zone configurations. Add to this the multiple video and audio adjustments provided using the included fully backlit remote, and you have a player that you can calibrate right on the money and easily operate in either daylight or theater light conditions.


The DENON DCM-290 5-disc carousel changer is a top performing CD changer at a very affordable price.

Supported formats include CD/CD-R/RW discs and the DCM-290 has WMA and MP3 decoders for extended play use.

This CD player is a great complement to any stereo system.


Crown History: From its humble beginnings in 1947, Crown International has grown to become one of the world's largest and most respected manufacturers of power amplifiers and microphones for professional audio markets.

Crown’s history traces back to 1947 and an Elkhart, Indiana minister named Clarence C. Moore (1904-1979). Moore, a longtime radio enthusiast, had spent the early part of the ’40s in Quito, Ecuador working for HCJB, a non-profit Christian broadcasting and engineering group.

Following his return to the United States, he felt the desire to supply Christian broadcasters like HCJB with quality electronic products. As a result, Moore founded International Radio and Electronics Corporation (IREC) in 1947 and converted a former chicken coop into the budding manufacturer’s first production facility.

The company’s early reputation was built on a family of rugged and compact open-reel tape recorders designed to operate reliably when used by missionaries in remote, often-primitive regions of the world. After modifying and distributing several existing models (Magnecord, Recordio, Pentron and Crestwood) for the first couple of years, Moore obtained a patent in 1949 for a groundbreaking invention: the world’s first tape recorder with a built-in power amplifier (15 watts).

Eventually, Moore’s wife and co-founder, Ruby (deceased 2002), suggested that ‘International Radio and Electronics Corporation’ was too long a name for the company. Since IREC had by this point produced vacuum tube tape recorders branded ‘Royal’ and ‘Imperial’, in addition to the fact that the emblem on those products was a fancy crown, she felt that the company should simply be called Crown.

Her husband agreed, and, in the ’60s, the company’s name was changed to ‘Crown International, a division of International Radio and Electronics Corporation’. Finally, in 1975, the stockholders voted to change the name of the corporation to Crown International, Inc.

In the 1960s, the introduction of the DC300 high-powered, solid-state amplifier offering 150 watts per channel at eight ohms and AB+B circuitry moved Crown into a leadership position in worldwide power amplifier markets. Well over 30 years later, many DC300s are still being used in professional audio applications.

In the 1970s, Crown launched the PSA-2 Power Amplifier with a built-in computer to maximize performance of its output transistors. Product diversification began with the introduction of the still-popular line of Pressure Zone Microphones (PZM) and TEF audio analyzer.

With the implementation of Grounded Bridge circuitry in the ’80s, Crown offered an innovation providing lower distortion, less thermal stress, higher acoustic output, greater reliability, superior power density and audio quality, Grounded Bridge circuitry was integral to the engineering of the Macro-Tech and Micro-Tech amplifier lines.

The 1990s found Crown developing computer-controlled audio systems with the IQ System. In 1997, the company added another new milestone in audio technology with the introduction of the K2 amplifier featuring Balanced Current Amplifier circuitry offering innovative thermal and energy efficiencies.

Acquired by Harman International in March of 2000, Crown has continued to move forward, producing numerous
innovative designs, including The CTs Series amplifier line for the installed sound markets, Crown’s next-generation IQ System, now called IQ Network, and the I-Tech Series touring amplifiers, the world’s most advanced professional amplifier and representing the pinnacle of their over 30 years of amplifier leadership. These products and more embody the reliability and innovativeness that have long been the manufacturer’s hallmarks. And with each product backed up by a three-year, no-fault, fully transferable warranty, Crown today continues to delight its customers with products that consistently exceed both specifications and expectations, even on the most demanding tours and installations.

Crown International Senior VP of R&D Gerald Stanley, who originally joined the company in 1964 as a tape recorder line technician and amplifier design engineer, comments on Crown’s success over the years. “In an era of cookbook designs and buggy software, it would seem that the most basic lessons of history have been forgotten,” he says. “Crown’s recipe is simple: design, build and service each product as if you were the customer. This approach not only drives the product to excellence, it drives the people to be the best that they can be.”

McIntosh XRT2K Loudspeaker

McIntosh XRT2K Line Array design comes with a set of 110 SPEAKERS...

McIntosh engineers made the dream come true with a three way dual column design meticulously housing forty tweeters, sixty-four midrange and six woofers.

All elements are chosen for use with high power amplifiers up to 2,000 watts

Six 12” Aluminum Cone Woofers
Sixty-Four 2” Titanium Midranges
Forty 3/4” Titanium Tweeters

40 tweeter domes house titanium diaphragms for a frequency response to 45kHz. The 64 midrange drivers each have a titanium inverted dome. Titanium has unwavering rigidity, resulting in smooth uncolored reproduction.

6 aluminum cone woofers produce powerful bass down to 10Hz without any trace of “chestyness.”

Three sets of massive gold plated input connectors allow bi and tri amping and wiring.

The XRT2K is a full range line array system with mirror-image symmetry. Listeners sitting close to the system will not hear ‘hot spots’ of certain frequencies and listeners at a great distance notice little drop off in sound. The sound dispersion pattern is smooth and wide, resulting in exceptional stereo image in a greater variety of listening positions. The sealed aluminum cabinet allows the system to be located close to a rear wall without bass “boom.”

  • Usable with up to 2,000 Watts of Power
  • Can be driven with as Little as 75 Watts
  • 8-Ohm Impedance for Compatibility
  • Tri-Wire and Tri-Amp Capability
  • Narrow Width for Placement Flexibility
  • Controlled Vertical with Wide
  • Horizontal Dispersion
  • Massive Overload-Proof Crossover
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • Titanium Tweeters for Response to 45kHz

8 ohms

2,000 W

All drivers

16Hz – 45kHz

2.8V/1m: 89dB

250Hz and 1.5kHz

Piano black with optional finishes available

Black knit cloth with high gloss black trim
and optional finishes available

84-1/4” (214cm) x 19” (48.26cm) x 18” (45.72cm)

452 lbs. (205kg) net

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