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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sennheiser PXC350

Sennheiser PXC 350:

The PXC 350 is a circumaural high-end travel headphone set with NoiseGard™ Advance technology for active attenuation of ambient noise.The PXC 350 enables an unprecedented sound experience for people on the move, thanks to its adaptive baffle damping in combination with the patented Duofol diaphragms, which prevent unwanted partial oscillation and thus guarantee a highly natural, lifelike sound quality.NoiseGard™ is an active noise compensation system which Sennheiser originally developed for use by pilots, who have to rely on good sound quality and efficient protection against ambient noise even in high-noise environments. NoiseGard™ actively compensates the noise, based on the physics principle of sound and counter-sound, which works as follows: tiny microphones pick up the low-frequency ambient noise in the vicinity of the user’s ear. Based on that noise interference, the NoiseGard™ electronic module calculates the required counter-sound wave with 180° phase inversion. The unwanted noise and the phase-inversed wave meet directly at the user’s ear where they virtually cancel each other out. The result is an effective reduction in ambient noise. The music is transmitted in the same high quality, so that even quiet passages can be enjoyed in noisy environments.The PXC 350 features the NoiseGard™ Advance technology. This technology is a further development of the filter functions used in the original NoiseGard™ system, and enables even better active attenuation of ambient noise of up to 85%. It is of course also possible to use these headphones passively, i.e. without NoiseGard™ and without batteries.
The PXC 350 is foldable and is supplied complete with a practical transport case, 2 AAA batteries and audio adaptors (double mono and 6.3mm). Volume control integrated in the single-sided cable, which is detachable and replaceable

Sennheiser e835 Dynamic Microphone


Intense. Lead, vocal stage mic, designed to perform under pressure. Uniform frequency pick-up pattern maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. Gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures clarity and projection. Minimal proximity effect provides consistently clear bass and performance when singing closer to or further from capsule. Also available with a switch (835-S).


Frequency response: 40Hz...16kHz:
Transducer principle: Pressure gradient receiverPick-up pattern: CardioidFront-to-back-rejection at 1kHz at 120 degrees: >20dBSensitivity (free field, no load): 1kHz 2.7mV/Pa = -51.4dB (0dB=1V/Pa)2.7mV/Pa = -71.4dB (0dB=1V/mbar) (USA)Nominal impedance at 1kHz: 350 ohmsMin. terminating impedance: 1000 ohmsSensitivity to magnetic field at 50Hz: 1 µV/µTWeight: 330 gDimensions: 48 x 180mmDelivered with pouch and mic clip

Excellent dynamic stage vocal mic@Even frequency response on- and off-axis@Gentle presence boost and minimal proximity effect@Cardioid polar pattern; 40Hz-16kHz frequency response

Thursday, July 24, 2008

JVC XA-A50 Headphones

JVC is entering the digital audio player market with the XA-A50. At first glance, it looks like a pair of headphones but wait! there’s a digital audio player hidden inside there. The unit contains 128 MB of flash memory that allows you to store either MP3 or WMA files. Another plus for the XA-A50 is its support for WMA-DRM files. JVC suggests that the headphones will last for 20 hours continuously on one AAA battery.

The new model called the XA-A50 is a pair of headphones with a digital audio player built-in.

Lightweight and wearable, the unit contains 128MB Flash Memory that stores up to 30 MP3 or 60 WMA files.

JVC believes that the new form factor will be highly sought after even though the memory capacity is so small compared to other units available on the market.

As well as storing and playing MP3 or WMA files, the unit is also compatible with WMA-DRM files. Keys are placed on the side of the right-ear while Voice Guidance ensures easy playback and set-up while you are wearing the unit.

JVC are also promising 20-hour continuous playback with one AAA alkaline battery also stored within the unit.

The XA-A50 transfers files via a USB2.0 connection and rather than opt for a proprietary software package you can use the set with Windows Media Player 9 or above.

The unit also provides 2 digital surround modes and 4 SRS modes - SRS TruBass, WOW MODE 1, WOW MODE 2, and WOW MODE 3.

The headphone unit also offers 5 preset EQ modes - FLAT, CLASSIC, ROCK, POP, and LIVE.

Monday, July 21, 2008


The AVR-3808CI is the latest update to Denon's acclaimed three thousand series A/V receiver line. Technology advances and careful engineering has yielded a receiver with the features and functions to take it well into the future of home theater. The AVR-3808CI has joined the CI ranking with the addition of expanded connectivity including networking and Internet radio. Updated Audyssey audio processing has refined the calibration process producing better sound and room balance, even with difficult acoustical conditions. Digital video connections in the AVR-3808CI now have HDMI v1.3a which brings with it the new surround formats for HD decoding. Portable device hookup has also been improved for ease of use.

Electro Voice RE20 Microphone

RE Series Wired Microphones

Industry Standard Variable-D® dynamic cardioid microphone l Favorite among broadcasters and sound engineers worldwide l Variable-D® design and heavy-duty, internal P-pop filter reduces proximity effect l Internal element shock mount reduces vibration-induced noise l Bass roll-off switch

Element Dynamic
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Impedance, Low-Z balanced 150 Ohms
Connector Type 3-pin XLR
Open Circuit Voltage 1.5 mV/Pascal
Finish Fawn Beige
Case Material Steel
Weight Net 737 g ( 26 oz )
Dimensions (Height X Max Diameter) 217 x 54 mm(8.54" x 2.13")

Microphone Applications:

Accordion, Acoustic Strings, Brass, Guitar Amp, Kick Drum, Snare, Speech, Tom, Woodwinds

Electro Voice SbA760 Subwoofer

The Electro-Voice® SbA760 is the next generation of hi-power compact subwoofers, has different box tuning and a new woofer (EVS-15FR) for more punch and low end compared to its predecessor the SbA750. Designed to match Electro-Voice® Sx-Series speakers, it is an ideal system extension for SxA100+, SxA250, and SxA360 powered speakers. The SbA760 adds extended low frequency response to Sx300 and Sx100+ passive speakers driven by powered mixers. The state-of-the-art class H power amplifier module delivers 760-Watts RMS power to an EVS15FR 15” woofer. The SbA760 includes a recessed pole mount and four casters for easy use and mobility.

Amplifier Power (RMS) 760 Watts
Frequency Response (-10dB) 45 - 150 Hz
Max. SPL / 1m (calc) 128 dB
Color Black
Chassis Size 15 inches
Speaker Type Powered Speakers, Powered Subs, Subs
Weight Net 43 kg ( 94.8 lbs )
Dimensions (HxWxD) 603 x 428 x 665 mm(23.74" x 16.85" x 26.18")

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Who let the dogs out...! is the small remix bit for listening relaxation.....!



Venga boys:: The Super Hit Album now in 6.8 mins..

The mixture of all the songs from venga boys. So listen the album in 6.8 min with extra bass.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SHIVAJI.... (Telugu Tamil remix)

This is other type of remix.... from one channel you will listen the telugu lyrics and from other channel tamil lyrics... but the MUsic composition is same for both....

So the song with two languages...

GAJINI... - (Telugu-Tamil Remix)

This is other type of remix.... from one channel you will listen the telugu lyrics and from other channel tamil lyrics... but the MUsic composition is same for both....


So the song with two languages...


This is the remix of superb punchy beats for dance... (do baarr, theen baarr like that), SO enjoy and dance from this extra remix Beat.

Click on the image to DOWNLOAD the band mix...!

Telugu Remix Song from Jalsa

Jennifer Lopez...! from Jalsa Movie. *ing: Pavan Kalyan, Iliyana, Parvathi Melton.

Click on image to download the SONG....!

This is the song Remixed for extra beat...

Just listen the song and ENJOY...!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soundproofing your Studio on a Budget

Building a soundproof studio doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. There are many new and innovative products that can be used to obtain professional results. It is always best when building a studio to squeeze every STC (sound transmission class) point you can from the materials you are using. Some of the things that will help you towards that goal are staggered studs. Staggered studs is where the studs are offset so that there is less wallboard to structure contact. In other words, the drywall or soundboard would only come in contact with every other stud on a wall assembly. Staggered studs are a relatively cheap way to begin soundproofing your studio.
The next thing we want to look at is insulation for the wall (stud) cavities and the joist cavities for a ceiling. I always recommend a sound batt insulation called Roxul to be placed in wall cavities and up against the top of the ceiling cavities. Roxul is a rock wool insulation that absorbs sound and helps to damp the structure in either a wall or ceiling assembly. In a ceiling cavity you can fill the rest of the cavity with regular fiberglass insulation. That way the fiberglass insulation would be isolated in the cavity. Keep in mind that regular fiberglass insulation is a not a very good soundproofer.
Once we have the insulation installed in both the wall and ceiling cavities we come to a crossroads. For the best soundproofing you would want to float the walls and the ceiling using sound clips and metal furring channels. Sound clips are sound isolating devices that are used to suspend a ceiling or wall. Metal furring channels are a channel that fits into the sound clips and then become the interface between the drywall and the joist or the studs. The sound clips system is a suspension system that acts to isolate the new ceiling from the joist or stud structure.
If you can’t do a floated wall or ceiling, don’t despair there are other barrier and damping materials that can be used to soundproof the walls and ceiling of you studio.Mass loaded vinyl is a product that is widely used as a soundproofing agent throughout the United States and Canada.
Mass loaded vinyl, or MLV as we like to call it, is a high grade vinyl material that is impregnated with barium salts and silica to give it the same properties as lead sheeting, but without the hazards associated with lead. MLV can be stapled directly to the open studs of a wall assembly or to the joist structure of a ceiling assembly. The MLV would be stapled or nailed to the structure using an industrial stapler or a nail gun that shoots the roofing nails with the plastic heads. A plastic cap stapler is actually the best stapler for this application. Once the MLV has been stapled up to the stud or joist structure, you would liberally caulk all seams as well as the perimeter with an acoustical caulk. Generally any reputable soundproofing company that sells MLV will also have acoustical caulk available. After you have installed the MLV and have sealed it properly, you next step is to drywall over top of it with a layer of 5/8” drywall. It is also advisable to caulk the seams of the drywall to make sure you have a good sealed wall or ceiling assembly. A well-soundproofed wall using the MLV can be up around a 45 to 50 STC, which is pretty good considering what an untreated wall assembly would be. You also have the option of using the sound clips and furring channels in conjunction with the MLV to give you even greater soundproofing.
There are other soundproofing agents such as Green Glue and Closed cell foams that can help in your effort to soundproof your studio, but we will discuss them later in other articles. We will also discuss studio doors and windows in subsequent articles. The Experts at can help you obtain these great soundproofing products and they can also help you with the acoustical treatments you will need once your studio is completely soundproofed. I hope this article has been informative and gives you the knowledge that you can indeed build and soundproof you home or commercial studio effectively and economically. This is Dr. Bob…Out!!

Soundproof Doors

I wanted to write this article to educate people about soundproof acoustical doors. There are basically four companies in The United States who specialize in soundproof door assemblies. I will not mention them by name, but suffice it to say that soundproof doors are produced in limited quantities and therefore prices for these doors can be astronomical. As a general rule, a professional quality soundproof door of any size will have a minimum price of $3800 - $4000. This would be a bottom line door with perhaps a 40 to 42 STC rating. STC means (Sound Transmission Class). If you are looking at a soundproof door that is in the 50 STC range and greater, you can pretty much double the price you’ll pay for your door.
Now before you panic or throw your hands up and surrender, there are now companies that are manufacturing soundproof doors that are already pre hung and ready to install into your rough opening. They are using much more state of the art materials and these doors look much less industrial then the doors currently available.
These soundproof doors will match any decor and have and STC rating of up to 56 STC.These studio grade doors come in at about $2400 for the oak version, but for a little more you can get the door made in any species of wood from cherry to teak. This new generation of soundproof door is less heavy than the traditional soundproof acoustical door and as stated above come in the more traditional wood style as opposed to the metal industrial looking doors.
These doors are not just for recording studio doors; they are used in home theaters, Testing facilities, conference rooms, medical facilities, doctors offices, industrial office spaces and by Law enforcement agencies for interrogation facilities. The uses for these doors are endless. They come pre hung with all of the necessary hardware to install the door immediately into your rough opening. The heavy duty handles and hinges come in both silver and brass.
These doors fill a void in the soundproof door market somewhere between realistic and ridiculous. The name of these fantastic doors is the Sound Vault™ Soundproof acoustical door and they are only available from Soundproofing America Inc. These doors are a cost effective alternative to the heavy metal industrial looking doors that are sold by some of the other soundproof door companies out there and the entry level pricing makes this door much more affordable to the general public.
Do your research and I am sure you’ll find that the Sound Vault™ soundproof acoustical door to be an exceptional value at just $2400. The lead-time for these windows is 30 days or less in most cases and there are pre-made windows in standard sizes ready for immediate delivery. For more information on these high quality soundproof doors, contact the professionals at Soundproofing America, Inc. Until next time, this is Dr. Bob…out!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Soundproofing a floor on a budget

Floor soundproofing can get quite tricky especially if you are working from an existing finished wood or tile floor. It is always best to remove the existing finished floor and start from the sub floor, however, if your old finished floor is wood, then you can soundproof directly over top of it..
The most common issue with a floor is the transmission of impact noise (footfall) to the people below. There are methods for treating this problem from the ceiling below, but we will discuss them at another time. For now we will discuss soundproofing the floor above in a condo or apartment application.
There are many expensive soundproof floor under lays on the market today and most consist of a dense recycled rubber material. As a rule these flooring under lays are quite effective for stopping both airborne noise as well as giving you excellent impact protection, however due to their density and their shear weight these products are often expensive to purchase and expensive to ship.
The reason is that they come in tile form due to their rigidity. Thus they are palletized and shipped out via common carrier trucks. Depending on the number of sq feet you are covering, the shipping alone for these materials can be astronomical.There is a realistic and economical alternative to these expensive soundproof tiles. The alternative is also a recycled rubber product, but not so dense that it cannot be rolled into an easy to ship roll. The material I am referring to is a product called Impactless™.
Impactless™ is sold by the professionals at Soundproofing America, Inc. or where you are able to purchase this product online.Impactless™ is an economical alternative to the more dense and costly rubber tiles and it will stop both the airborne and the impact noise from traveling down to the neighbor below. This rolled floor underlay is very economical at $1.50 per sq ft it is basically the same cost as the 1# mass loaded vinyl. The more dense tiles cost anywhere from $3-$5 per sq ft and as mentioned before the shipping can be astronomical.
There are a lot of soundproofing companies out there telling their customers that mass loaded vinyl (MLV) will work to soundproof a floor. If applied properly MLV can help with airborne noise, but it is just not effective at all for stopping impact noise which the concern of most people who soundproof their floors. The Impactless™ roll is also much cheaper to ship, generally $35 for a 108 sq ft roll as compared to $70 and up for mass loaded vinyl. Impactless™ is one of the best-kept secrets in the soundproofing business. When you are looking to soundproof an upper floor on a budget look no further than the American Impactless™ floor underlay. Until next time, this is Dr. Bob…out!!

DVD Players - Experience the Ultimate Enjoyment

A DVD player is a electronic gadget which plays DVD video and audio discs. It plays the discs with the help of reflected laser beam. Normally these players are also capable to play CD audio, video and even picture CD. In the year 1997 the first DVD player model was introduced in the market. Before the DVD players arrived into the market, the laser discs were very popular. But with several attractive features, DVD players have replaced them.
DVD players produces high quality audio and video output. This is so because of the digital format. It delivers twice the picture quality of VHS format. These devices are so advanced that that it can easily compete with home theatre. The new generation DVD players come with the capability to hold video, audio and even computer data.
There are several companies out there in the market which manufacture superior quality DVD players. The names are Sony, Philips, Videocon Panasonic, Bosch etc.The players do read a DVD disc in ISO – UDF version 1.2 format. It also can read and obey the DVD's regional lockout codes and display a warning if the player is not authorised to play the DVD discs. The players decode the MPEG-2 video stream with a maximum of 10 Mbit/s. It decodes sound in MP2, AC3 or PCM formats and produces output on stereo, optical or electric digital connector. The gadgets normally comes with a remote control. A remote with simple layout ad visibility labelled functions makes the navigation easy for the user.
Mostly the DVD players can be connected to a television set. In this case, if television set supports component video input then the required DVD player would be component video output. There are also some small portable players are available in the market which have an attached LCD screen. With the gradual demand of DVD players, the manufacturers are now coming with new and innovating brands of DVD Players. Tuning with the traditional rules of market the price has increased.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soundmatters subStage Slim Subwoofer

Now you can enjoy deep, full bass without compromising your home décor. The Soundmatters SUBstage features a slender, stealth design that makes it exceptionally easy to hide in just about any room. Tuck it under a couch or an end table — even out of the way, the SUBstage delivers impressive low-frequency sound.
This elegantly compact powered subwoofer is versatile enough to fit into almost any home theater setup. Add it to a compatible television for better sound from TV shows and movies, or use it to round out a surround sound system. And if you're looking for more potent lows, you can "daisychain" multiple SUBstages together, giving you powerful bass even in larger rooms.

100-watt RMS amplifier
6" front-firing driver with dual rear-firing passive radiators
Frequency response 35-200 Hz (±3dB)
Continuously variable 50-200 Hz crossover
Phase switch
Auto on/off
Line level inputs (RCA and mini-jack)
Includes 16' interconnect cable, adjustable multi-surface feet
17"W x 5-3/16"H x 8"D
Warranty: 5 years drivers, 2 years electronics

for more details:

for pictures:

Polk RM75 Speakers

The Polk RM75 offers exciting wraparound audio effects in a sleek, modern design. These compact, wall-mountable satellite speakers fit beautifully in most rooms, and they're a great cosmetic match for a flat-panel TV. You get two front speakers, one center channel, and two surrounds. Just add any subwoofer to complete the system and enjoy full, detailed home theater sound.

Each stylishly sculpted speaker sports a heavy-duty, non-resonant composite enclosure. All five feature carefully designed ports for clean midbass and better blending with a subwoofer. The included wall-mount brackets let you pivot the speakers up to 180 degrees, so you can easily aim them toward your listening position for the best possible performance.

Front and surround speakers:

Acoustic suspension (sealed) design
Each handles up to 100 watts
1/2" dome tweeter
2-1/2" woofer
Frequency response 140-20,000 Hz (-3dB)
Sensitivity 89 dB
Include wall-mount brackets
3-7/8"W x 6-1/8"H x 3-13/16"D
Center channel speaker:
Acoustic suspension (sealed) design
Handles up to 100 watts
1/2" dome tweeter
Dual 2-1/2" woofers
Frequency response 130-20,000 Hz (-3dB)
Sensitivity 89 dB
Center speaker cradle included
9-7/16"W x 3-7/8"H x 3-13/16"D
System specs:
Black finish
Warranty: 5 years

for more details or to buy click on this link

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Velodyne's remarkable DLS-3500R Subwoofer

Velodyne's remarkable DLS-3500R delivers deep, clean bass, using a 160-watt amplifier and advanced circuitry that controls the sub's performance with pinpoint accuracy. The included remote lets you adjust the volume and select from four preset listening modes, so you can dial in the perfect bass settings from the comfort of your favorite chair.


Bass-reflex design
160-watt RMS amplifier
8" front-firing driver
Frequency response 35-140 Hz (±3dB)
Continuously variable 40-120 Hz low-pass crossover
Stereo line-level input with crossover bypass switch
Stereo line-level output with 80 Hz or 100 Hz high-pass crossover
Speaker-level inputs and outputs with binding post connectors
4-position phase control (0º, 90º, 180º, and 270º)
Volume control
Auto power on/off
Remote control included
12"W x 15-9/16"H x 16-1/4"D
Warranty: 2 years

for more details or want to purchase.... click on this link.
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