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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soundproof Doors

I wanted to write this article to educate people about soundproof acoustical doors. There are basically four companies in The United States who specialize in soundproof door assemblies. I will not mention them by name, but suffice it to say that soundproof doors are produced in limited quantities and therefore prices for these doors can be astronomical. As a general rule, a professional quality soundproof door of any size will have a minimum price of $3800 - $4000. This would be a bottom line door with perhaps a 40 to 42 STC rating. STC means (Sound Transmission Class). If you are looking at a soundproof door that is in the 50 STC range and greater, you can pretty much double the price you’ll pay for your door.
Now before you panic or throw your hands up and surrender, there are now companies that are manufacturing soundproof doors that are already pre hung and ready to install into your rough opening. They are using much more state of the art materials and these doors look much less industrial then the doors currently available.
These soundproof doors will match any decor and have and STC rating of up to 56 STC.These studio grade doors come in at about $2400 for the oak version, but for a little more you can get the door made in any species of wood from cherry to teak. This new generation of soundproof door is less heavy than the traditional soundproof acoustical door and as stated above come in the more traditional wood style as opposed to the metal industrial looking doors.
These doors are not just for recording studio doors; they are used in home theaters, Testing facilities, conference rooms, medical facilities, doctors offices, industrial office spaces and by Law enforcement agencies for interrogation facilities. The uses for these doors are endless. They come pre hung with all of the necessary hardware to install the door immediately into your rough opening. The heavy duty handles and hinges come in both silver and brass.
These doors fill a void in the soundproof door market somewhere between realistic and ridiculous. The name of these fantastic doors is the Sound Vault™ Soundproof acoustical door and they are only available from Soundproofing America Inc. These doors are a cost effective alternative to the heavy metal industrial looking doors that are sold by some of the other soundproof door companies out there and the entry level pricing makes this door much more affordable to the general public.
Do your research and I am sure you’ll find that the Sound Vault™ soundproof acoustical door to be an exceptional value at just $2400. The lead-time for these windows is 30 days or less in most cases and there are pre-made windows in standard sizes ready for immediate delivery. For more information on these high quality soundproof doors, contact the professionals at Soundproofing America, Inc. Until next time, this is Dr. Bob…out!!

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