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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Harman systems shine at the 50th GRAMMY Awards®

JBL® speakers and Crown® amplifiers supported an all-star cast for the 50th-Annual GRAMMY Awards Anniversary special on February 10, 2008.

Six-time GRAMMY® winner Tina Turner joined two-time nominee BeyoncĂ© for a special performance;
jazz pianist Eldar, rap-rocker Kid Rock,
jazz saxophonist Dave Koz and jazz/pop singer Keely Smith also performed on the telecast.

To present all this talent to the live audience, rental-system contractor ATK/Audiotek (Valencia, CA) deployed a multiarray JBL VerTec® speaker system; it incorporated 70 full-size VT4889 line array elements temporarily suspended in the Staples Center. VT4880 subwoofer arrays boosted low-frequency reinforcement, and a dozen JBL VRX932LA enclosures (powered by Crown I-Tech amplifiers) served as VIP fill enclosures.

"JBL VerTec arrays give us highly predictable coverage, and they set up faster and are lighter weight than other options," observed Jeff Peterson, event system engineer for ATK. "That is critically important in this venue due to the massive truss structures, and lighting and video equipment brought in to support the live show and telecast."

The 50th-Annual GRAMMY Awards was presented live on the CBS Television Network from Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Broadcast live in HDTV and 5.1 surround sound, the show was also supported on radio via Westwood One worldwide and XM Satellite Radio.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harman Products At The 2008 OLYMPICS

When thousands of athletes and millions of excited spectators from around the world converge on Beijing this August for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Harman Professional audio products will be there to deliver the action. Our BSS®, Crown®, dbx®, JBL®, Lexicon® and Soundcraft® brands are an integral component of this historic event, contributing amplifiers, public-address systems, loudspeaker arrays, mixing consoles and other audio equipment to enhance the spirit of the sporting competitions.

Harman products are being installed at more than a dozen Olympic venues in the bustling capital city of Beijing and further south in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The National Stadium, National Aquatics Center, and Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, as well as various fencing, softball and equestrian sports facilities, will all boast Harman sound systems.

Seating capacity across these venues exceeds a quarter million people, a logistical challenge that was met head-on by Harman and audio installation contractor ACE, who have been working diligently together on this project for more than five years. An estimated 1 million amplification watts will drive about 800 Harman speakers, including backup systems and emergency announcement units. More than 100 miles (160km) of cable will connect the components across indoor and outdoor sites. The Olympic venues join Harman-installed sound projects around the world in thousands of world-class sports, entertainment, dining, retail, recording and transportation facilities.

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games will host more than 10,000 athletes competing in more than 300 medal events. Approximately 70,000 volunteers will join 4,000 full-time staff to manage the Games, with a budget exceeding $28 billion.


Harman International Industries
is the Parent Company of all the other co-brands like…..

BSS Audio
Mark Levinson

From the above companies, for each leaf (company) there is a specialty like JBL for Professional Speakers and also for Home Theatre Entertainment and CROWN for only Professional Amplifiers.

Let us see in simple way that Which company has good reputation,

Revel – Home Theatre Speakers (Simply world’s finest home speakers)

Revel, Lexicon, Audioaccess – For Home Theatre Experience….

Becker – Automobile Entertainment

Infinity – Home and Car Entertainment

QNX – Software Solutions

JBL, Crown, DBX, AKG, Lexicon, BSS, Soundcraft, Studer
– For Professional Needs……

Friday, May 23, 2008

TOP Computer Speaker System 2

2. Logitech z-2300 2.1 speaker system

Add music to computer work with these Logitech speakers.

These computer speakers feature THX-certified performance and high quality sound.

With style as well as functionality, these speakers make the best addition to every PC. Hook up these speakers to the home computer and enjoy hours of digital music.

Speaker Product Type: Subwoofer

Warranty: 2 Years

Remote Control: With Remote Control

Number Of Speakers: 3 Piece

Color: Silver

Connection Type: Headphone, 1/8 in Stereo Mini

Built-In Decoders: THX

Connectivity: wired

TOP Computer Speaker Systems

1. Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speaker system

Blast digital music in style with these Logitech speakers. Delivering 5.1 surround sound, these computer speakers come THX-certified and deliver high quality, powered sound.

The 10” subwoofer, real time frequency response, and wireless remote make these speakers essential for every audio enthusiast. Take advantage of the crisp, clear digital audio from these speakers with 96 kHz/ 24-bit digital audio streams, hook up this speaker system to up to six audio sources at once.

Enjoy connectivity with PCs, DVD and CD players, gaming systems, portable music players, and more!

Control volume of all speakers at once with the Digital SoundTouch Control Center. Complete with 6-channel direct cable ready.

Speaker Product Type: Subwoofer

Warranty: 2 Years

Remote Control: With Remote Control

Number Of Speakers: 6 Piece
Connectivity: Wired, Wireless
Built-In Decoders: Dolby Digital, DTS, THX, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS 96/24, Dolby ProLogic

Thursday, May 15, 2008


BOSE new, premium two-piece amplified system is smallest—and best. When you hear it, your eyes may not believe your ears.

The Computer MusicMonitor™ was developed for the growing number of people who use their computers for personal entertainment—and want accurate, detailed sound from an elegant yet unobtrusive system.

Until now, high quality desktop sound with deep, realistic low tones has come only from large speakers or a three-piece system with a bass module. Our new MusicMonitor™ is an alternative for serious listeners who prefer a two-piece solution offering performance, simplicity—and more desktop space.

This unexpected sound quality is made possible by combining the latest in switching amplifier technology with new, proprietary acoustic design, highly efficient neodymium speakers and Bose digital signal processing.

Together, these technologies allow the MusicMonitor™ to deliver accurate, full-range sound surprising for its size.

The MusicMonitor™ is also pleasing to the eye, with solid aluminum casing and a metallic silver finish. Its understated elegance fits nicely almost anywhere in your home.

Try the Computer MusicMonitor for streaming audio and downloads from your laptop or PC, or movies from a portable DVD player. We think you'll find its performance hard to believe from a system this small.

Benefits at a Glance


Designed specifically for desktop listening, it raises musical reproduction to a new and exciting level.

Desktop elegance

Aluminum enclosure with metallic silver finish complements any laptop, PC and workspace.


One simple cable hookup to computer or auxiliary sources; handy remote controls volume and power (or use buttons on side of right speaker).

Bose's new faux-surround PC speakers

Four hundred dollars is a lot to spend on PC speakers, and after sitting down with Bose's Companion 5 speaker system at a demo in a suite at New York Peninsula Hotel, it's still a lot to spend. That said, this three-piece speaker system is one of the more distinct-looking and attractively designed PC speaker packages we've seen--and it sounds pretty good, too.
The Companion 5 system includes Bose's proprietary TruSpace surround processing circuitry, which delivers a fairly convincing faux surround-sound experience from only three speakers (you get two satellites, which sit on your desk, and one "hideway" Acoustimass module--a.k.a. subwoofer--that sits on the floor and is the about the size of most similar PC speaker subs). Bose expects the system to appeal to those who watch movies and play games in a home-office environment or perhaps a dorm room, but don't want to set up surround speakers.
Bose prides the Companion 5 on its easy setup--it requires you to only plug the USB connector into your computer and match up the color-coded speaker wire. There's also a small pod control (a little smaller than a hockey puck) that sits on your desk and has a headphone jack and an input for your iPod or other MP3 player. The $399 system is due out on September 7 and is designed for use with both PC and Macs, though for best performance, Bose recommends Windows XP or later for PC users and OS X 10.4.6 or later for Mac users. Previous Bose PC speakers--the
Companion 2 and Companion 3--will remain in the lineup, but get a makeover that more closely matches the forthcoming flagship model.

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