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Thursday, May 15, 2008


BOSE new, premium two-piece amplified system is smallest—and best. When you hear it, your eyes may not believe your ears.

The Computer MusicMonitor™ was developed for the growing number of people who use their computers for personal entertainment—and want accurate, detailed sound from an elegant yet unobtrusive system.

Until now, high quality desktop sound with deep, realistic low tones has come only from large speakers or a three-piece system with a bass module. Our new MusicMonitor™ is an alternative for serious listeners who prefer a two-piece solution offering performance, simplicity—and more desktop space.

This unexpected sound quality is made possible by combining the latest in switching amplifier technology with new, proprietary acoustic design, highly efficient neodymium speakers and Bose digital signal processing.

Together, these technologies allow the MusicMonitor™ to deliver accurate, full-range sound surprising for its size.

The MusicMonitor™ is also pleasing to the eye, with solid aluminum casing and a metallic silver finish. Its understated elegance fits nicely almost anywhere in your home.

Try the Computer MusicMonitor for streaming audio and downloads from your laptop or PC, or movies from a portable DVD player. We think you'll find its performance hard to believe from a system this small.

Benefits at a Glance


Designed specifically for desktop listening, it raises musical reproduction to a new and exciting level.

Desktop elegance

Aluminum enclosure with metallic silver finish complements any laptop, PC and workspace.


One simple cable hookup to computer or auxiliary sources; handy remote controls volume and power (or use buttons on side of right speaker).

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