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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Community M12 speakers

The M12 stage monitor system is a compact, high style, no-compromise solution to the demands of high performance monitoring. At 10½" high, the M12 offers clean sightlines for the audience and the camera. The rugged multi-layer glass composite construction, "Texas Boot-proof" heavy gauge steel grille and an abrasion resistant non-reflective Tuf- Coat™ finish make the M12 an excellent choice for TV broadcasts and stage productions. The dual NL4 connectors are tucked safely away in a pocket beneath the enclosure. Specially molded channels and cable clips allow the user to bring the speaker cables out of the back or either side of the monitor. These exits also allow easy positioning of the monitor. The M12 contains a high-powered 12" woofer and a
2" exit B&C™ wide band high frequency driver. The high frequency driver is mounted to a molded onepiece asymmetrical horn with a 90-degree pattern at the top and 40-degree at the bottom, allowing fullrange output close up or horizontally at a distance.The vertical dispersion is 70º. The M12 is available in black or white finishes, and right or left horn configurations.

- Low-profile, high-style exterior
- Small footprint
- Multi-layer glass composite construction
- Non-reflective black or white Tuf-Coat™ exterior with matching
heavy-duty non-reflective grille
- Unique hidden handle
- High powered, 12" woofer
- 2" wide-band compression driver on an asymmetrical horn
- Biamp/passive switchable with well protected dual NL4
- Cable safety management system
- Available in right or left horn configurations
- Available in black or white finishes
- Five-year warranty


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