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Sunday, February 7, 2010

ANTHONY GALLO Home Cinema Systems

Home Cinema Systems

(home theatre in the round)

All three of our 'mainstream' loudspeakers – the Nucleus Micro, A'Diva and Dué – share common design elements, performance characteristics and proprietary technologies. These factors allow the user to easily mix and match Gallo speaker products in a home cinema set-up, depending on application and/or budget.

For example, all three use a version of our superb 3-inch driver unit, all have 100 Watts power handling and all three have a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms. This means that any combination of elements are possible. The A'Diva makes a perfect centre channel speaker in a Nucleus Micro system. The A'Diva or Nucleus Micro makes an ideal rear channel speaker in a Due home cinema system.

Uniquely, our speakers can each be purchased individually and colours can be mixed and matched (even within a single system). This flexibility takes the strain out of assembling a multi-channel home cinema and allows the user to easily configure a system for DTS ES or Dolby Digital EX if required.

No doubt about it, if you've heard a good home cinema system... you want one! Unfortunately, finding space in your listening room for five speakers (or even six or seven), plus a subwoofer, poses some serious interior design challenges.

For this reason, a Nucleus Micro, A'Diva or Dué home cinema set-up (or a combination of the three) simply has no equal.

Given their tiny dimensions, placement flexibility and wide range of colours and textures, there's a Gallo loudspeaker to fit every application and colour scheme.

Add the bass wallop of our installation-friendly MPS-150 powered subwoofer and every seat in your listening room becomes the best seat in the house.

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