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Sunday, February 7, 2010

ANTHONY GALLO Reference Series Products

Nominal Impedance       8 Ohms
Power Handling             350 Watts
Driver                          Dual 4" carbon fibre midrange drivers
                                  Custom 10" dual voice coil bass driver

Long-awaited "Big Brother" to our acclaimed Reference 3.1, the Reference 5LS builds upon its smaller sibling's considerable strengths, achieving even greater performance in virtually every aspect of sound quality. Measuring 78 inches tall, this all-new loudspeaker is the closest any line source has ever come to being omni-directional. The Reference 5LS spans the gamut of frequency and dynamic range, yet its slender 7" width and 11" depth enable it to excel in virtually any listening room and blend beautifully into most decorating schemes.


Impedance                   8 Ohms nominal
Power Handling             150 Watts RMS unclipped music power.
                                  Minimum suggested power 10 Watts RMS.

Frequency Response       55Hz to 35kHz

Sensitivity                     88dB

Impedance                    4 – 8 ohms

Power Handling              150 watts RMS, 300 watts peak

Drivers                          Four x 4" carbon fibre with neodymium magnets

Reference AV Centre:

Frequency Response        55Hz to 50Khz

Sensitivity                      88dB

Power Handling               150 watts RMS – 300 watts peak

Impedance                      8 Ohms

Driver                             Qty 4 – 4" Carbon Fiber

Tweeter                          CDT (Piezo film) 120-degree horizontal dispersion

2 Outer woofers cover 125Hz and down

(1st order low pass on woofers only)

2 Inner woofers cover 3Khz and down

Dimensions                    25.20"W x 6.20"H x 6"D

Weight                          22 Lbs / 10kg

Color Options                 Matte Black, Stainless Steel and Snow White

Output Power:

 2 x 160 watts RMS @ 8 ohms

20Hz - 20kHz (stereo mode)

2 x 250 watts RMS @ 4 ohms

20Hz - 20kHz (stereo mode)

450 watts RMS @ 8 ohms

20Hz - 20kHz (mono mode)

650 watts RMS @ 4 ohms

20Hz - 20kHz (mono mode)

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