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Friday, December 11, 2009

QSC K12 Loudspeaker

The K12 — a member of QSC's K Series — offers impressive sound quality, high wattage, and light weight in an incredibly compact package. QSC's amplifier engineer team incorporated a new 1,000-watt Class D power module with extensive DSP processing throughout the K12. The end result is a speaker that defies expectations based on its size and weight. The combo XLR and 1/4" inputs can handle either mic or line-level inputs, and RCA inputs let you plug consumer-grade equipment into the K12.

QSC K12 Powered PA Speaker at a Glance:

•Sound that defies the speaker's size

•Sound-shaping capabilities

•ABS cabinets for light weight and premium sound

QSC K12 Powered PA Speaker Features:

•12" LF driver, 1.75" HF driver

•Frequency Respnose: 48Hz-20kHz

•Max SPL: 131dB

•1,000 watt, efficient and light-weight class-D power module

•Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) and Intrinsic Correction DSP tuning for accurate, undistorted performance across the entire sound field

•GuardRail technology discreetly protects the system from damaging overload

•Deep mode for enhanced low-frequency extension without a subwoofer

•Locking IEC power cable

•XLR and 1/4" connectors

•Phone Mic/Line and Line inputs with Loop-thru connectors and independent level controls.

•Phono (RCA) inputs

•Front mounted LED may be switched off or indicate "Limit" or AC Power On

•Dual angle, 35mm pole socket with Tilt-Direct allows the speaker to be angled down

•Suspension and yoke mounting accessories available

•4" voice-coil woofer design for reduced weight

•1.75" voice-coil compression driver

•High Pass Filter for use with subwoofers

•Threaded pole socket for solid, secure pole mounting


•Pole mounting 


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