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Monday, December 7, 2009

AMSCD Compact Disc Player

AMSCD Player


The AMSCD/DAC is the finest digital product Musical Fidelity have every made.

They have spared no expense or design effort to acheive the maximum possible performance.

The player has 3 digital inputs (balances optical and coax) and 3 digital outputs (balanced optical and coax)

The AMSCD's sound quality is quite remarkable and it is utterly uncoloured and neutral.


Line level outputs

1 pair line level RCA connectors

1 pair line level XLR connectors

Digital Outputs:

1 RCA coaxial connector SPDIF

1 Toslink optical connector

1 XLR AES output connector

Digital Inputs:

1 RCA, 1 optical, 1 XLR connectors

power consumption:25 watts

weight: 11.2kg

Dimensions:440X125X385 WXHXD

5 year guarantee

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