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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Equipment used in Kipnis Home Theater

The Screening Room :

2250 Sq/Ft. Custom Designed, Two-Story Concert Hall with Vaulted Ceiling & Balcony - 1" Solid Maple Flooring on 4" tall Pine studs - 12" spacing, sitting on a solid 16" reinforced concrete foundation, itself isolated on 4 - 156' solid steel girders all the way down to bedrock. Features non-parallel walls, ceiling, and floor, with dedicated installed noise isolation system, and acoustic treatments designed to supersede ANSI, SMPTE, AMPAS and AES/EBU noise specifications for professional movie theaters, mixing stages, and most anechoic test chambers. Actual Noise Rating = 4 dB/SPL.

Seating for 3-6 (Arizona Leather Curved Coach & Plush Director's Chair) or up to 30 (Premium Leather Theatrical Recliners).

Video Projectors :

Meridian 810 Reference Video Projection System - 4k (4,096 x 2,400P) 3-Chip LCOS 4,000 ANSI Lumen 10 Megapixel Digital Theater Projector with Automated 2.40:1 Motorized Anamorphic Lens System and Marvell QDEO Outboard Digital Video Format Convertor and Processor - Primary Projection System

Sony SRX-T110 - 4k (4096 x 2160P) 3-chip SXRD Cine Alta 11,000 ANSI Lumen 8.8 Megapixel Professional Theater Projector with short throw Fujinon zoom lens (1.56-1.90) & Sony / Zeiss 3D Dual Optics Lens Adapter (1.10 -1.90) - 3D Projection System

Sony Qualia 004 - 2k (1920 x 1080P) 3-chip SXRD 2,000 ANSI Lumen 2 Megapixel Home Theater Projector (short throw Zeiss zoom Lens: 1.43-1.86) - Supplemental Projection System

Digital Processing & Conversion (audio) :

Theta Casablanca III (Series 3) - 12.12 Digital (2x Oversampling) Surround Sound Processor (All digital In/Out) - 12 Separate Spatial Decoding Algorithms

Theta Generation VIII (Series 2) (13x) - Twin Channel (8x Oversampling) Quad Balanced Stereo Digital to Analog Convertors

Benchmark ADC USB - 192 kHz 24-Bit Analog to Digital Converter with Selectable Resampling and Dither

Benchmark DAC USB - 192 kHz 24-Bit Digital to Analog Converter with USB Interface & Ultra Low Jitter Clock


Components (video) :

Sony LMT-200 - 4k Media Block - DCM D-Cinema, X' Y' Color Space (Professional Cinema Media Server)

Apple 2.33 GHz MacBook Pro (5x) - (4k & 2k Digital Media Servers)

Sony PlayStation 3 - Blu-Ray Disc Player & Game System

Sony BDP-S1 - Blu-Ray Disc Player

XBOX 360 - HD-DVD Player & Game System

Toshiba HD-A35 - HD-DVD Player

JVC HM-DH5U - D-VHS Recorder

Scientific Atlanta 8300HD - Optima Cable DVR (3x) (72 hours HD recording via Maxtor 300 Gb External SATA drive)

Pioneer HLD-X0 - MUSE Hi-Vision HD LaserVideo Disc player

Sony MSC-4000 - MUSE Hi-Vision HD Decoder

Lumagen Radiance XD - HDTV Scaler, DeNoiser, Processor

Gefen 6 x 2 HDMI Switcher - HDCP Compliant HDMI/DVI Digital Switcher

Components (audio) :

ELP LT-2XRC Laser Turntable - Plays LPs, 45s, & 78s using five lasers to read the grooves - all analog line-level playback & CD Function remote control

Mark Levinson No. 51 - DVD/CD/DVD-A Multi-Media Player

Sony DVP 9000 - SACD Multi-Channel Audio Player

Logitech Transporter - 96 kHz / 24-bit Digital Audio Music Server (ultra low jitter = 4 picoseconds RMS @ AES/EBU Output with KSS Proprietary Cesium Clock Control)

Speakers :

Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference Tower Loudspeakers (10x) - (80 - 25,000 Hz) (originally designed by Kevin Voecks for George Lucas and Tomlinson Holman at Skywalker Ranch - the very first THX Certified Loud-Speaker System ever created)

Snell THX Sub-1800 18" Passive Ported Subwoofer (16x) - (1 - 80 Hz)

Murata Super Tweeters (10x) - 1/2" Ceramic Composite Dome (25,000 - 102,500 Hz)

Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference LCR-2800 (3x) - Center Channels (80 - 25,000 Hz)

Snell A7 Illusion Reference Full-Range Loudspeakers (10x) - (20 - 25,000 Hz)

Power Amplifiers :

McIntosh MC-2102 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier (48x) - 450 Class A Watts Stereo Amplifier (operating in Bridged-Balanced Mono Mode)

McIntosh MC-2301 Mono-Block Vacuum Tube Amplifier (2x) - 400 Class A Watts Mono Amplifier (Quad Bridged-Balanced Mono Operation)

Crown Macro Reference Stereo Amplifier (3x) - 2,850 Class A Watts Stereo Amplifier (operating in Bridged-Balanced Mono Mode)

Mark Levinson No. 33H Mono-Block Amplifier (2x) - 160 Class A Watts Mono Amplifier

MESA Boogie Baron Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier - 760 Watts per Channel Stereo Amplifier (in use as the Projection Booth Stereo Loudspeaker Monitors)

Film Screen :

Stewart Snowmatte Laboratory Grade Unity Gain Motion Picture Screen - 4-way Automatic Motorized Masking - 24' x 10.125'

Touch Screen Control System :

Touch Screen Control System :

Crestron Quickmedia Complete Automation Control System - (Multi Room A/V Touch Screen Control System with Internet Browsing and Apple iPhone Interface)

A/C Power :

General Electric No. 868 (2x) - High Voltage Isolation Transformer (13,800 Volts to 240 Volts / 800 Amperes: One service is exclusively for the Analog Components, and the other service is exclusively for the Digital Components)

Equitech 100 kVA Symmetrical Power System (2x) - (240 Volts & 120 Volts Balanced = +/- 120 & +/- 60 Volts) - Unique All Differential Balanced Power Supply System

General Electric 917 Master Power Panel Board (2x) - (40 Amp dedicated Circuit Breakers are used for each and every component) - Total AC isolation for each component, beginning from the high voltage street power!

Vibration & Resonance Control :

Solid Tech Rack of Silence (96x) - Primary Spring Suspension Component Isolation System: Amps, D/A, Components, etc.

Solid Tech Feet of Silence {Set of 4}(128x) - Secondary Band Suspension Isolation System

Solid Tech Discs of Silence {Set of 4} (128x) - Alternate Secondary Spring Suspension Isolation System

UltraSonic 45 Tube Dampers (256x) - Titanium C-ring holds microphonics absorbing Homopolymer isolation pads against the vacuum tube bulbs surface - eliminating any audible distortion

UltraSonic 9 Tube Dampers (248x) - Fiberglass/carbon microfiber sleeves surrounding the pads enable a firm grip on the bulb glass. For continuous use up to 525°.F (274°.C)

Speaker Isolation :

Auralex Sub Dude Speaker Isolation Stand (16x) - Snell M & C Towers & Crossover Arrays

Auralex Great Gramma Speaker Isolation Stand (10x) - Snell Sub-1800 Woofer Arrays

Auralex Gramma Speaker Isolation Stand (3x) - Snell LCR-2800 Center Channel Arrays

Acoustic Treatment :

Auralex 4" Acoustic Studio Wedge Foam (3,250 Sq Feet) - Hand applied to all exposed surfaces on the ceiling, walls, and doors - in Deep Purple; eliminates standing waves, shortens reverb to 485 milliseconds (20 Hz - 102 kHz), absorbs screen splash-back resulting in accurate black levels and true contrast ratios.

Crestron Quickmedia Complete Automation Control System - (Multi Room A/V Touch Screen Control System with Internet Browsing and Apple iPhone Interface)

Audiophile Wiring :

Cardas Neutral Reference - All Balanced, identical lengths for each and every component: Analog - Digital - Power - Control - Video - Ground

Gold Fuses :

Hi-Fi Tuning Gold/Ceramic Fuses (72x) - Used in all components requiring a fuse.

Digital LED Lighting :

Chauvet ColorSplash 200B LED Spot Lights (40x) - 196: 1 mm Red, Green, & Blue Computer Controlled & Automated LEDs - 45 degree flood, 15 watts each, no noise or heat generated

Chauvet ColorRain PAR 196 LED Flood Lights (40x) - 99: 10 mm Red, Green, & Blue Computer Controlled & Automated LEDs - 15 degree spot, 15 watts each, Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint

Chauvet Show Express Plus - DMX 512+ Channel Computer Controlled Stage Lighting System

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I've never checked out those LED lighting systems, they look perfect for a home theater! Thanks for the info.

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