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Thursday, March 13, 2008

RMS, PMPO and Frequency Response of the Speaker

15" 1000 watt JBL Sub-woofer

Here 1000 watt means its RMS value of wattage not in PMPO, PMPO watts is more than RMS and its not actually calculated. if we give watt in RMS, we can estimate actual power of the speaker. So always know the watts in RMS.

And now comming to the Frequency response of the speaker, we now take the example of above sub-woofer. Generally sub-woofer means it produces the low frequency volumes say bass, drums; it vibrants the floor, how big the sub-woofer you enjoy music that much.

Subwoofer response normally from 20Hz to 400Hz, means the frequency levels or the sound waves are not directional, they shake the floor, where as normal speakers response from above 400Hz to 16KHz.

Frequency Response of above sub-woofer is 25Hz – 400Hz,

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