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Monday, March 17, 2008

Information about Audio Video Cables 1

The Audio Video Cables are most important for the Home Theatre Devices. Without Cables we can not pass the sigmals between each components. So lets have some information about them......

The above shown figure is the Analog Stereos cables transfer Left and Right stereo signals from components, such as, a CD player, Cassette Deck, VCR, and other devices to a stereo or surround sound amplifier or receiver. Red is designated for the Right Channel and White is designated for the Left Channel. These colors will correspond to the colors of the receiving end analog stereo connectors on an amplifier or receiver.
And the same as Audio left right channel cables, this is the Composite Video Connection is a connection in which both the Color and B/W portions of the video signal are transferred together. The actual physical connection is referred to as an RCA video connection and is usually Yellow at the tips.

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