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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Information About Audio Video Cables 2

Now the Component video cables are the same as normal cable but A Component Video Connection is a video connection in which the separate color and B/W elements of the signal are transfered via separate cables from a source, such as a DVD player, to a video display device, such as a Television or Video Projector. This connection is represented by three RCA cables -- that have Red, Green, and Blue connection tips. There are two types of component video connections in use for consumers: Y,Pb,Pr - Progressive Scan component video input/output connection, and Y,Cb,Cr - Interlaced scan only component video input/output connection.

Next An S-Video connection is an analog video connection in which the B/W and Color portions of the signal are transferred separately. The signal is then recombined by the Television or video recording device at the receiving end. The result is less color bleeding and more defined edges with a standard analog composite video connection.

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