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Monday, March 26, 2012

Digital Academy - The Film School

Digital Academy-The Film School

A division of Gemini Studios & Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
H.O. Centre & Studio's, Plot No C-3, Street No-11, MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai:400093, India.
Tel : +91-022-28257009/+91-022-28257008:
Board line : +91 22 42305000/ 42305025
Mobile : +91-9324069648/ +91-9322980401
(Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm IST)
Email :


10 Months

130 Sessions of 3 hours each, over 10 months:
4.5 months of theory and 5.5 months of practical.


Sound Recording and Engineering
Commencement date
Fees for Indian Citizens
Fees for International Students
Sound Recording & Engineering

10.00 AM TO 01.00 PM
INR: 2,49,999/-
10,000/-On admission
30,000/- Before batch starts
30,000/-Within 1 month (PDC)
30,000/-Within 2 months (PDC)
30,000/-Within 3 months (PDC)
30,000/-Within 4 months (PDC)
30,000/-Within 5 months (PDC)
30,000/-Within 6 months (PDC)
29,999/-Within 7 months (PDC)

Full Fees to be paid on Admission

Course Structure:

The first four & half months of the audio program start with the theory classes. The modules that will be covered are:

·        Sound Theory
·        Microphones
·        Basic Electronics
·        Sound Reinforcement
·        Signal Processing
·        Studio Acoustic Design
·        Digital Technology
·        Stereo and Surround Sound
·        Analog Console
·        Digital Console
·        Digital Audio Workstations
·        Miking Techniques
·        MIDI


Daman Sood (Head of Department)
Abhishek Ghatak
Jayakrishnan Nalinkumar
Mujeeb Dadarkar
Vijay Benegal

Recognisation/Authorization: A division of Gemini Studios

Placements and linkup:


India is known to be the biggest producer of motion pictures in the world. The biggest USP of Indian Films that sets it apart from World Cinema is the inclusion of song and dance sequences in them. Despite a weak content, several Films have done stupendous business, solely on the strength of its music. Music sales are a major avenue of income for Film Producers and the sale of Audio rights is a major revenue earner. The Audio companies also actively participate in the promotional and marketing strategies of these films.

According to his aptitude or liking, a person can mould or fit himself in various branches of Sound Recording and Engineering:-

1. Sound Engineer for live shoot during Filming of a Movie or a Television programme.
2. Song and Music Recording.
3. Mixing Engineer for Dolby DTS Surround sound.
4. Handling Sound System in live outdoor events.
5. Sound Designing for Film effects. 
6. Recordist at a Radio Station, especially FM Stations or to produce software for broadcasting, eg. Ad-commercials, Corporate Documentary films etc.
7. Maintenance or Service Engineer for equipment.
8. Designing and establishing sound Recording Studios with proper aesthetics, acoustics and ambience.

Sound Engineering is not a profession that can be taught in a conventional academic way. It is a collaborative art form and to do it well requires a combination of technical skill and theoretical knowledge, as well as practical and aesthetic abilities.

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