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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jamo D7 Subwoofer - THX Ultra2 Certified


Jamo D7 Subwoofer - THX Ultra2 Certified

D 7SUB is designed to match the rest of the D 7 series and is remarkably compact when you consider its specifications – this subwoofer is intended to easily slot into domestic living rooms.In order to match the D 7LCR and D 7SUR sonically we have created a monster subwoofer: We have used a 25mm thick cabinet made of very stiff MDF material, mounted an extremely powerful 15in woofer with Motional Feed Back (MFB), and powered it up with a 400 watt Class D amplifier that delivers a peak power output of no less than 700 watts! The D 7SUB reaches all the way down to 20Hz which could cause problems in some rooms so we have added a Boundary Gain Compensation filter to fine-tune its response. According to the THX Ultra 2 specifications you need two D 7SUBs to comply with the stringent guidelines. However, experience has shown that in smaller rooms one D 7SUB is more than sufficient to get the job done.

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