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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sony SRS-ZX1 Speakers Provide Extra Bass Via Mysterious "Mobius Duct"

The Japanese consumer electronics giant, Sony has recently announced its new SRS-ZX1 speakers with an amazing technology called Mobius Duct, aiming to deliver decent low-frequencies from the portable package. Besides, they’ll also features an integrated amplifier and delivers 20W x 2 channels with 2x analog inputs. It’s cool.

The new Sony SRS-ZX1 speakers that measures 3.1 x 6.6 x 7.4-inches is expected to be available in coming October 20th in Japan for ¥49,350 or about USD $425, but no words on whether the speakers will be available in other area yet.

Aside from the creepy robots and good food, there are other reasons to want to be Japanese—like Sony's SRS-ZX1 speakers. The shiny, metallically chic speakers come with a technology that Sony calls the "Mobius Duct," which supposedly creates a potent low-frequency response. The thing is, no one really knows what a Mobius Duct is, except a fancy way of saying "better bass than some other low-end speakers."

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